Volunteers feedback

Dear Hari and High Himalayan team, 

Thank you for the warm welcome to your country. I appreciate the family-like atmosphere High Himalayan community project team provides as well as an avenue to meet like-minded friends in Nepal. I will never forget your hospitality and willingness to help me in all of my, trekking, sight-seeing and volunteering endeavors. I really felt like High Himalayan community project's first priority was to make sure all the volunteers were comfortable and happy. I know this was at least true for my experience. 

Thanks for everything. 
Melbourne Australia
Teaching Volunteer- 4 weeks 
July 2010 


Namaste from Belgium

"I think this is a perfect opportunity to get out and help a group of people who have been through so much, and to live in a very different environment. I have a much greater understanding of disabled persons, and an appreciation of how life lived simply can be just as exciting. Anyone who has spent time with local rural Nepali families will know the excitement." Thank you Hari Krishna and family!! 

Kind regards 
Tim Buchanan 
Volunteer in local health post –Rasuwa-2009